~OCC July Gift List~

Hey Everyone,

Happy July!!! Well, here is the first OCC post of this month. The July gift list from Samaritans Purse. This month is clothing items. My favorite clothing item it get is socks. But I also like to get all ages shirts if I can fit them in the boxes with everything else. Socks through are the first clothing item that I get. For the 5–9-year old’s I like to try and fit socks and shirts in the boxes. The 2–4-year old’s I will sometimes put flip flops in the boxes. But I will still give them socks just in case.

One of my friends favorite clothing item to do is dresses for the girls. She’s the one that is sewing dresses for the boxes for our OCC Sewing Group. I’m doing skirts and tote bags. My other friend doesn’t see, so she is making headbands and bracelets right now.

Some things that I have heard over the years that people like to put in the boxes are: shorts for the boys, skirts and dresses for the girls, underwear for boys and girls, shirts, socks, hats, gloves, scarves, and shoes.

What are some of your favorite clothing items to put in the shoe boxes? Or do you have other ideas for things to put in the boxes? I would love to hear from you and hear your ideas for OCC shoe boxes.

~Till Tomorrow~


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