~When You Lose A Piece Of Your Heart~(Part 3)

~His Grieving With You Means You are Heard(Pg. 87)~

“What does the Jesus factor show us in the face of loss and grief? That He hears us. You don’t have to hide your grief from Him. He soothes your inner anguish, gradually exchanging it for inner peace as He offers a safe place to mourn.” (Pg. 88)

When we grieve it is easy to feel like you are not heard or like others don’t understand. Not everyone knows how to act or be when around people who are grieving. Sometimes they even say things meant to comfort but instead cause your heart to hurt.

“It’s vital that your grief not be downsized to make another feel comfortable.”(Pg. 88)

But in all of this God is waiting patiently for you, waiting and wanting to hear all that is on your heart. From the joys to the pain and grief. Never judging always listening ready to guide and comfort you better then anyone ever could.

“Does this mean that God will not use people to come alongside you as you mourn – and over time, as you heal? Of course not, but this safe place in Him offers you the opportunity to experience the compassion of God’s people in greater measure.”(Pg. 89)

~His Grieving With Expands Your Heart (Pg. 90)~

“When you love a person deeply and you lose them, on this side of heaven there will always be a missing piece. That sense of loss remains a part of who you are, because the person you have lost is a part of you.”(Pg. 88)

How does Jesus grieving with you expand your heart? He helps you feel and understand the pain and hurt instead of avoiding it. Emotions and feelings are a lot of times misunderstood by others and even by the one feeling them. He helps us feel and understand what we are feeling.

Sometimes what we are feeling is so overwhelming that we just cry or try to keep busy and avoid it. But Jesus wants us to embrace what we are feeling emotionally and let His love and healing to take place in our hearts and minds. In the end this helps us to be more compassionate to others in the future and more open and willing to be there for them as well.

Of course it also strengthens our relationship with our Heavenly Father, which is the best part.

~The Mended Heart Challenge(Pg. 98)~

  • Designate a specific time and place to express your grief to Jesus.
  • Write your thoughts in a journal.
  • Each week, go back and note the times you sensed God with you, or any insights that have come over time.

(The Mended Heart by Suzanne Eller. Chapter 4)

~Till Tomorrow~


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