~Last Weekends Birthday And Fathers Day~

Hey Everyone,

So, we celebrated my brother’s birthday last weekend and Father’s Day the day after. Sometimes my brother’s birthday falls on Father’s Day, but not this year.

So, for his birthday he wanted to have late lunch with the family. So, my Mama wanted it to be special, so she got a recipe from my Mimi that my brother loves! I don’t even know what it is called but it is chicken wings with pineapple and cherries with brown sugar. She marinated it the night before and it was so tender and good.

Considering my Mimi doesn’t really go by recipes but by a little of this and a little of that I say my Mama did really good. Because it tasted just like my Mimi’s to me. 🙂

After lunch we had ice-cream cake. He used to have these every year but it has been a while. So, when my brother said that he wanted ice-cream cake my Mama wanted to get the good kind for Cold Stone. She was going to head there but the day she went shopping a storm came through and she was only able to get to Kroger. But they end up have a really good ice-cream cake there thankfully.

After lunch my Mama ended up watching my little Niece so that her Daddy and Mama could go out for her Daddies birthday.

On Father’s Day my Dad just really wanted to relax and watch his shows he likes. He loves sitting in his recliner and holding the baby and watch shows like Mountain men and show about living in Alaska. What really cute is my little Niece loves to sit there with him and will watch the tv. She just sits in the crook of his arm and snuggles in. It is so Cute!

Other then relaxing the day away he wanted venison burgers on the grill and dinner with the family. So that is what we did. 🙂

~Sitting on the couch, we couldn’t resist putting the remote on her lap as she looked at the tv~

Here are some pictures of my little Niece this week.

~I have no idea what this look is about~
~Sleeping on the way to the store~

Hope y’all have a good weekend!

~Till Monday~


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