~Up Coming Birthday and Fathers Day~

Hey Everyone,

Happy Father’s Day weekend!!! This will be my brothers first Father’s Day! His birthday is also tomorrow! So, we have some stuff planned for both! It should be a fun weekend for all of us!

Back to what I have been up to this week. Well, my Mama got a new car! Well new to us. It is a 2001 Subaru and is light gold. Her old one was a 2000 Subaru that was white, but the air-conditioning died again, and the speaker’s bass started to rattle, and it keeps making weird noises even after being fixed. So, my parents bought a new car, and it looks like the old one but in gold and is so-so-so clean! Even the engine was clean! How do you keep an engine clean?!

~It just needs a name. The old Subaru is called Charlotte~

This car is so smooth on the country roads it is nice!

Ok so for Father’s Day my Mama decided to fix up my Dad’s old makeshift walking. So, she bought a wood burning kit and burned the words Granddaddy’s Walking Stick on it then spray painted it orange. My job is to do the handle part once it is dry. I will post a picture of it finished on Monday. But here is a picture of it so far.

Ok maybe two pictures of the walking stick. 🙂

Lastly about my little Niece this week. She is getting so long! She is also teeth quite a bit. So, her Mama got her about a month ago that you can but frozen formula in. She loves it! It is actually made for six-month old’s and for stuff like frozen apple sauce. But it still works well for her. 🙂

~Trying to hold it herself~

We hold it for her but sometimes she just wants to hold the pop herself.

I finely got her in my favorite outfit and here are a couple of pictures of her in it. She laughing I do believe at her Daddy.

I love these pictures! She has been moving a lot and talking and talking some more. She also has started to do a real belly laugh a little. Now if I just get her to roll on to her stomach from her back. She did it once and now she just seems like, never mind that wasn’t as fun as I thought. Because she doesn’t even try anymore. Silly girl! 🙂

~Well that is all for today~

~Till Monday~


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