~When You Lose A Piece Of Your Heart~ (Part 1)

“For a while I sat with Mary and Martha. I’d seen their tears flow at the death of their brother, Lazarus, but what arrested me was seeing their confusion and hurt at how long it took Jesus to get to them. I recognized those feelings.” Shelia Walsh, Beautiful Things Happen When A Woman Trusts God (Pg. 79)

In the book the mended heart she uses the lose of a child as an example of what it is like to lose part of your heart. I personally do not have children in order to understand the love of a parent has for their child.

But I have lost part of my heart to people I considered family. They didn’t die but they stole my heart from me and left without a second thought. I’m still working through the pain somedays. Other days I am able to move on better than others.

The pain is different for everyone. For me it was so suffocating that I would lay in bed at night feeling like I was dying. My heart felt like it was giving up on me. I would go out with my parents and find myself sobbing uncontrollably at the most embarrassing times.

The more we love the stronger we grieve. I loved them so much that even four years later I still find myself crying somedays. But the pain has lessened, but my trust still needs to be worked on. With Gods promises of never leaving me nor forsaking me, and to always be there for me, it is getting there. Maybe just a little slower than I would like but it is getting there.

Jesus understands the pain of grief. He felt it when Lazarus died and when those He loved died. Jesus is pure love, so imagine the amount of pain He felt. Because it had to have been real strong. So we have no excuse saying that He doesn’t understand. Because He understands better then anyone.

No matter what we have lost a part of our heart to, God understands, and will always be there for us.

(The Mended Heart, by Suzanne Eller. Chapter 4 page 79.)

~Till Tomorrow~


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