~A Funny Prayer~

Hey Everyone,

So I was on my email today and saw that my Mimi sent me a youtube video about a comedian Mary Maxwell giving a invocation at the company’s Home Instead Senior Care 2009 Convention. I wasn’t sure at first about posting it but decide to go ahead with it. I hope y’all find it funny! 🙂

Let’s see what I have been doing this week. Well, I have been helping watch my little Niece the last Three nights and have been staying up all night. If I go to sleep, there is no waking me up. So, I stay awake at night till maybe 6am. But last night I ended up falling asleep at 3am. Good thing I wasn’t needed last night to make bottles or go grab things. Oops. LOL. 🙂

Because of all this I sleep late into the day so my post tend to be posted late and in the evening. Other things I have been doing, taking nice long walks outside. We have a nice long driveway (well to me it’s long) for long walks. It has been warm outside but cool enough in the evenings for a walk. I blast my music in my headphones as I walk, it is relaxing to me. Sometimes you may even find me dancing to the music as I walk. What can I say dancing is fun.

My little Niece also likes walks and sometimes will only go to sleep late in the day if you take her outside for a walk. She loves leaning her head back and looking up at the trees as her Mama walks up and down the driveway.

Here is a picture of her taken just a couple of days ago.

~Finally smiled for the camera~

I got this shirt for her three months before she was born at the local Dollar General. Isn’t she cute!

~Well that is all I have for now~

~Till Monday~


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