~OCC June Gift List~

Hey Everyone,

here is June’s OCC gift list from Samaritans Purse. This month is Toys! One of the most fun things to look for and to get for the boxes. From jump-ropes, dolls, small cars, little instruments, playdough, and soccer balls and nerf balls, and so much more. This is one of the most fun to look for and one of the hardest to do as well. Why is that? Well, I always want to put in as much as I can, but with all the school supplies and everyday stuff there is, I don’t have as much room for toys that I would like.

Here are some ideas for each age:

2-4 Play-dough with plastic cookie cutters Small water toys (like ones for the tub) Small nerf balls Cars and little action figures Dolls and dress up

5-9 Puzzles Slinkies and yo-yos Cards Cars and little action figures or dolls Jump ropes Soccer balls or Nerf balls and so much more

10-14 Jump ropes Cards Cars Soccer ball and Nerf balls Puzzles Small frisbees, yo-yos, and slinkies Small board games

I hope this is helpful for your next OCC shopping trip!

~Till Tomorrow~


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