~Happy End Of May~

It is amazing to me that it will be June on Monday already. It always feels like I just started the month, and next thing I know it is the end of it. But it has been a good month, watching my little Niece grow, and learning to make new sounds everyday.

She did her first real belly laugh just a couple of days ago, and my Mama got a picture of her laughing.

~In Granddaddy’s arms~

She loves to talk, she even talks in her sleep sometimes as well as laughs.

~Sitting in my lap out on the patio watching the others play corn hole~

She also, we found out, loves the outdoors. So when she is crying and won’t stop, we just walk outside with her and she good. Her Mama discovered that one after she refused to go to sleep. She fell asleep with in a couple of minutes after walking out the door. She is like I was when I was a baby, just to curious to go to sleep.

This next photo is of her in her new bathing suit and bonnet. She wasn’t so sure about it by the looks of it in this photo. LOL!

~She looks like a little doll~

What else well, our cat Acadia Marie decided to snuggle up to a beanie baby on our couch and fall asleep. So cute!

And lastly, yesterday my Mama and I planted flowers out front. My Mama loves to but potted flowers around the yard. We have red clay and it takes a lot of compost if we want plant flowers in the ground.

I had fun taking pictures before it rained. So I decided to share all the pictures that I could. I hope y’all have had a good May!!!

~Till Monday~


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