~A Successful Zoom Chat~

Hey Everyone,

So yesterday I was able to join in on our OCC zoom chat. It worked this time! I was so happy! We talked about what we have been making at home and what we would like to do once we can get together again. One of my friends is making beautiful friendship bracelets and the other is making a couple of dresses while at home. I have a picture of the dress she is working on right now. Here it is.

She has fabric for a second one as well. Right now, though the dresses are on hold as her sewing machine needle broke and fell into the machine. She is waiting for her new one to come in. At least I don’t think it has come in yet. I forgot to ask, we got sidetracked talking about skirt patterns.

My friends helped me to decide what skirt pattern would be the best one to use. Then what fabric from my Grandmas estate would work for best for the skirts. Thankfully I have skirt patterns that I used in the past that are still good. Here are pictures of the patterns. Sorry they are a little blurry.

~This is my favorite one, I would do the tree tiered skirt. Letter B skirt from this pattern set~
~This one is my Friends choice. She thinks that is would be easier for girls when they are working. It won’t get in their way as easily. I would do again Letter B skirt from this pattern set~

Sorry, that I don’t have a picture of the friendship bracelets to share. I will have to ask her for a picture sometime soon.

We also talked about making a list of what we want to get for the boxes. We have a google doc that we share and add things to. So, we are going to make lists for each age group, one for boys and one for girls. Then we can look and see what we want to get for the boxes and place our name by the item we will get. The list will also have how many of each item we will need for the boxes. I hope that makes since. 🙂

Well, that is all for today. I Hope y’all have a good day!

~Till Tomorrow~


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