~Vaccines and Open Houses~

Hi Everyone,

So, my little Niece had her two-month shots yesterday. Poor baby. Two shots and one oral vaccine. She was doing well all day till nighttime hit. She ended up getting a fever of 102. She was so warm! But she cooled down pretty quickly after having some baby Tylenol. We think she was just so warm from being wrapped up and snuggled for a while. Her fever dropped to 100.9 then to 100.5 by the end of the hour.

She was so calm just talking and talking. Making all sorts of cooing sounds and smiling. It was so cute! That and she just seemed to want to lounge on me. I was honored that she wanted her Auntie! Here is a picture of her taken last night when she was just lounging on my lap.

~Thankfully you can’t see me in this pic~

Isn’t she cute in this picture?! Just smilingly away. 🙂

On to other things my Grandmas house has been put on the market. There was seven house showings today and two so far for tomorrow. I’m not ready to let go of her house. But I have to. It is hard. That is the house that my Dad grow up in. The house that has so many memories with both my Grandma and Grandpa. It is in the neighborhood that I grow up in just one street over. I used to walk to my Grandmas house almost everyday to visit her and sometimes just to watch TV or garden with my Grandpa.

She taught my Mama and me how to can and make applesauce. As well as how to make her chocolate chess pie, deviled eggs, and many other things. But those two people from the family asked for the most. I wish she taught me how to make her pound cake. That is one thing we didn’t get to. My Mama got her cookbook after she past in December. There is like three different recipes for pound cake. We have no I did which one is the one she made every Christmas. I plan on trying out all three sometime this year. That or we will be having three different pound cakes for Christmas. LOL. We will see. 🙂

Well that is all for now. I haven’t been up to much, just trying to write a book. I have never written a book before. I have no idea what I’m doing. So we see what happens. 🙂

~Till Monday~


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