~When People Hurt Your Heart (Part 4)~

“So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen.” (2 Cor. 4:18)

People Lose Power

“Our heart mends as our inner self – the central or innermost part of our identity – is wrapped around the Light inside of us, rather than around the people who have harmed us. This one small step changes the way we see things. We begin to differentiate between people and God.” (The Mended Heart Pg. 48)

When we stop letting the words and actions of others, effect and control, everything we do, we see that we don’t need others to define who we are. Paul learned this, and taught other’s that when we refocus our minds from looking to other’s, then to looking to God, peace fills our hearts and minds.

We need to look to God first, and not try to find affirmation from others first. We need to seek God‘s wisdom first before just trusting and believing someone that we want to like us first.

It’s ok to like to be told that someone is proud of you. But not ok to look to them all the time to fill the emptiness you feel inside. Only God can fill that void. Only He can free you from the hurt and heal you from the inside out. Let the power people have over you be replaced by the Love God has for you!

(The Mended Heart Chapter 2 by Suzanne Eller,. Pg. 48.)(the verse was the one she used in the book as well)

Hey Everyone, I hope you liked todays devotional. It took me all day to get what I wanted to write today. I hope y’all can understand what I wrote. I know that sometimes not everything that I type flows like I had intended it to. But I think todays is good. I am happy with it. Well till tomorrow~


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