~Pictures of my little Niece~

Hey Everyone,

Here are a lot of pictures of my little Nieces who is turn 2 months on the 4th of this month. She is talking and talking. It’s so cute listening to all the little sounds she is starting to make. They say she should only be able to see about 18inches from her face. Well so seems to be able to follow our movements from across the room. 🙂 She just seems a little bit advanced to me. She loves to look a shadows on the ceiling and that is clearly not 18 inches from her. LOL. I don’t know maybe she is looking at something that I am unaware of.

Here is so pictures of her when her parents took her to the local park. No one is ever really there so it was safe to take her.

~Isn’t she so cute in her bonnet~

Her Mama got her a really cute sweatshirt to wear when it is to cool outside for her little arms. I love this sweatshirt and would love one in my size. 🙂

Here she is with Luna Tuna one of her Mama and Dad’s cats.

Her with her bows on! and a hat that her great Auntie from Montana made for her. She is so cute in it. It stretches so it should fit her come fall!

And lastly her smiling and seemingly smirking. LOL.

She’s just to cute not to share pictures of. Growing so fast! Hope y’all liked all these pictures of my little Niece and that you have a great rest of your week. 🙂

~Well till Monday~


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