~To Live Abundantly and Free~

When people hurt your heart, an your heart begins to bleed, Stop and Spend time with Me. I will heal your heart and fill your soul with joy. Spend time with me and learn to live abundantly. To grow into someone that you were always meant to be. When people hurt your heart turn to Me, and I will teach you to live free and abundantly.

By Jen

April 27, 2020

~Buttercup and Tinker-bell~

I took this photo just a few minutes ago. Tinker-bell is in the back ground and Buttercup is up front. Butter is the only one that will let me hold her. she will sometimes follow you around waiting to be held.

I hope you liked the little poem that I wrote. I wrote it yesterday, and I wasn’t sure about it but I wanted to share it with y’all. My Mama said she liked it and so I hope others do to. 🙂

~Till Thursday~


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