~OCC Sewing Today~

Hey Everyone, I hope y’all have been having a good week so far. So yesterday I mentioned posting a couple of quotes today along with my OCC post. They will be at the end of todays blog. But first here is what I have been sewing today. Yes I said today, I haven’t sewn at all this week till this afternoon. 🙂 I have been doing things outside and with my family.

So today I sewed two tote bags that are ready for straps that I just need to order off of amazon. This is what I’m looking for.

~Heavy Cotton Webbing~

This would be a lot easier then me trying to sew handles. I have sewn handles before but I did not like doing it, and I had a pattern that time and I don’t this time.

~Here are two totes ready for handles~

I’m not the best sewer, but I think these turned out nice. When I’m done with these I have light pink fabric that I’m going to use for the little girls tote bags.

Just a little side story. My friend who has been sewing the dress’s has had to put them on hold. Because she has been busy sewing masks. If I had a picture of them I would post it because they are very pretty. She’s been using flower fabric’s that she has had left over from dresses she has made in the past. We ask if she could make us four. Because we need a couple for when my little niece goes to her two month doctors appointment. They ask that everyone wears mask’s when they come in now.

So here are the quotes that I said that I would put at the end of this post. 🙂

~I just love quotes~

~Till Tomorrow~


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