~Just A Lot of Pictures~

So I have a lot of pictures to share! Five pictures of my little niece. Two of her 1 month photos that she did not want to do, one of her with her pink elephant, and of course a couple of her in her Easter dress! I also have one of Acadia Marie in a baby bonnet! LOL. 🙂 I just couldn’t resist.

~She had enough~
~Thank you Great Auntie for my pink elephant~

~Easter pictures out in the back field with Mommy and Daddy~
~An of course Acadia Marie wearing a baby bonnet~ LOL

I hope y’all like all the pictures! Today I have been watching my little niece with my Mama. She is going through a stage where she cries a lot and doesn’t want to sleep. I was that way when I was a baby, from what I am told. Oops. LOL. Oh well!

Other wise I have been taking walks outside with my Mama and Dad. Just enjoying this beautiful weather we have been having. It has been a beautiful spring so far!

~Till Monday~


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