~Happy Good Friday~

So what do you all have planned for Easter this year? We don’t have anything plan this year that I know of. We usually have a Easter dinner and chocolate pie. 🙂 But this year is my nieces first Easter so I’m not sure what we will do. I do know that my niece has a Easter dress. I will post a picture of her in her dress. It is so cute!

Ok well what have I been up to this week? Well I have been doing a little work in the garden. Not much to look at right now but when it is done I’m sure it will look pretty. I weeded the inside of the greenhouse that is in the middle of our garden. It had completely been overgrown with weeds. But now it has the start of the wood chip flooring that I have been wanting, but haven’t been able to get till now.

My Dad bought a wood chipper, because we have so many sticks, and it takes a long time to burn all of them in the field out back. So He decided that we needed a wood chipper. And he used it to make wood chips of the greenhouse floor for me. 🙂 Thank you Dad! I would love to learn how to use it so that he doesn’t have to do it all himself. That and it just looks fun to use.

Other then that I have been looking up the right kinds of woods to use for a garden box. The ones we used to have rotted way to quickly. So I look up what types of untreated wood to use that works best for garden boxes. I found that the ones that I wanted like cedar or Douglas fir I wasn’t able to find in the Lowes, Home Depot, or Tractor Supply’s near us. All I found was a lot of white pine. We used that last time and the termites loved it. LOL.

Oh well I’m sure the right wood for the boxes will be found eventually. Till then I will have fun planting in pots and maybe in some stumps that we have in our side yard. I would love to plant flowers and herbs for the summer.

Before I go I wanted to share a couple of pictures that I found on google pictures. I was looking up pictures of places that I would like to visit one day and also do some painting as well. Here is one of my favorites that I found.

Here is my other favorite. This place is in Germany.

Sorry that I am a little all over the place today. 🙂 I will do better next time.

~Till Monday~


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