~OCC Zoom Chat~

Sorry for not putting on a music video yesterday. For some reason videos are not loading for me right now. I will continue to try to get the videos up and working again.

So on Sunday my friends and I tried have a zoom call to talk about what we can do at home and make till we see each other again. But then no matter what I tried the zoom call wouldn’t come through for me. So I called my friends, so that they would know what I wanted to discuss.

Both of my friends have already started on stuff at home and I can’t wait to see what they have made. One started making dresses and one started making friendship bracelets. I personally started making tote bags. I cut one out and started sewing today. I have a picture, it really isn’t much to look at yet. I still need to do the top hem and put on the handles.

~I thought this color would be good for a boy~

I hope to make more come this weekend. I have a little pink that I want to use for the girls tote bags. After I finish making tote bags I would like to start on making skirts for the older girls. I would like to make shorts for the boys but I do not have a pattern. I could buy one but I am trying to use what I have at home already. We will see, I will probably give in and order a pattern for shorts for the boys. 🙂

~Till Tomorrow~


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