~Albus’ 1st Birthday~

So on the 30th of march my baby kitty Albus turned 1! and Sunny turned 9! It is hard to believe that Albus is already one and that Sunny has been with us nine years. Last year we started taking pictures of the cats on their birthdays wearing a birthday hat. It was Albus’ first time and he wasn’t so sure about it. Sunny didn’t seem to mind as much.


Then my little niece had the birthday hat on for a couple of pictures. She looked like a baby unicorn. Heres a picture.


Here are some more pictures of my little niece. She is going to be a month tomorrow it is hard to believe. She now weighs 8lbs 5oz, she has almost gained a whole 2lbs in a month.

~Sleeping in her Granddaddy’s arms~
~Sleeping in my arms all stretched out~ 🙂

~Getting so big and long~

~Till Monday~


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