~OCC April’s Gift List~

So April is here! It feels like the year just keeps flying by so fast! April is the month of finding the cutest and nicest stuffed animals for the OCC shoe boxes. For me this is one of the hardest because I love stuffed animals and want to buy them all. Needless to say I don’t need them all and I can’t usually put but one small one in the box with the way that I pack the boxes!

When my Grandma was alive she used to love giving me stuff animals for the boxes. She loved the teddy bears that looked like angels. I’m pretty sure that I still have one, and I plan on keeping that one for myself. I’m not ready to part with it. It has only been almost 4 months since she’s gone to be with Jesus!

But the stuff animals I think is one of the most important pieces to the boxes. What kid doesn’t like or need to snuggle something sometimes. I know I did and so did my brother. So to me this something that every box needs no matter the age of the child getting the box.

~Till Tomorrow~


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