~Some Beautiful Spring Weather!~

So this week has been beautiful outside! The temperature has been just right for me not to hot and not to cold. Even though I do like the cold a lot more then the heat. It is so nice out that I wish that I had already started my garden. But I haven’t, so that means that I really need to start soon. 🙂 Back in the early part of fall I sketched out what I wanted to plant and were. Now I just need to get the ground weeded and the box built, and then buy the seeds. I will be keeping it small this year because of the baby but I hope to have a big garden one day!

My niece has grow a lot in the last week she is already 19inches long. She has grow two inches in three weeks! And she is now over 7lbs 8oz and she definitely she eating a lot. She just might be 8lbs by the end of the month. That would be something wouldn’t it! Here are three pictures for you!

~Acadia likes to be beside her~

Isn’t she cute! She likes to have her hands by her head, and she just started to stretch out more.

Because she needs things to look at when she is awake, so my Mama asked me to paint some black and white paintings for her, so I did. One is circles with flowers in the center. Another one is of the moon and stars with a planet. And the last one is a diamond one. Heres a pic!

These where fun to paint! She really likes the flower one!

Well I have to go and watch my niece for a little bit.

~Till Monday~


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