~Fans and Jewelry Bags!~

Your probably wondering what the title is about. Well it is because I have a bunch of fans and jewelry bags to put in the OCC shoe boxes. My dad remembered that I wanted to put fans in the boxes this year, and he was going to buy some from a lady at work. But she ended up just giving him the fans! so we ended up with 10 free white paper wedding fans that have never been used(except for the one I opened).

As for the jewelry bags, they are from my Grandmas estate. She had a ton of jewelry and a lot of empty jewelry bags. These are great for lots of reasons. 1) they make good bracelet and necklace bags obviously. πŸ™‚ 2) they are nice to use for jacks and marbles. 3) they are good little craft bags, for like beads or thread. 4) they make nice hot wheels bags to put the little play cars in. 5) some are big enough to make into pencil case bags and more.

The fans that we got for free! Aren’t they pretty?!
This is just a little of what I have. I have exactly thirty jewelry bags. Thank you Grandma. πŸ™‚

As for what has been going on with the OCC Crafting, my friends and I are going to do a zoom call and talk about the things we can do at home till we can meet at my house. I hope it doesn’t have to be much longer before we can meet up again for a craft day. I am getting a little bored here at home. I hope y’all are all doing well!

~Till Tomorrow~


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