~The Mended Heart (Introduction Part 2)~

Brokenness has many faces. It’s found in the heart of a 30-something woman who thrust a photo of her handsome husband and a little girl with a sweet baby-tooth smile into my hands and whispers, “I just can’t keep feeling this way. I want more for them. I need more for me.”

It’s found in those who have been abused by a church doctrine or by parents who mixed Christianity with harsh or damaging theology. It’s the mark on the heart of a mother who held her young daughter in her arms as breath left her child’s body. It’s found in the woman whose life turned upside down when her husband left her.

Brokenness can result from discouragement and unmet expectations – in plans that fly far astray from the way you thought they would go; from events you didn’t see coming and couldn’t prevent even if you did; from the choices of your past – or the choices of others that brought pain into your life. We could focus on how brokenness came to be, but what might happen if we turned to the promise found in Luke 4 instead?

Every story is unique – and each story, including yours, is important. But brokenness does not have to be the end of any of our tales. When we couple our stories with the Jesus Factor, we are offered the beautiful gift of a mended heart.

Maybe you’ve been searching for healing for a long time. You recognize brokenness because you feel it. Perhaps you have come to identify yourself as broken, or maybe others have tossed about that word when they describe you. Put yourself in that hopeful crowd. Hear what Jesus is saying to you. Those words spoken in the synagogue in Nazareth have your name on them. You can never be so broken that He can’t put the pieces back together. Your broken or wounded places may have caused you to feel “less than” – but to our Heavenly Father, healing your heart is the very reason Jesus was sent. God’s promise of healing is for you if you’ve been asking these questions: What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I get past this? God, do You even see me? When you realize that Luke 4:18-21 is for you, it creates a brand new set of questions. But we’ll look at only one at this point of your journey: What miracle does my God desire to preform in me?

I believe in miracles, because I am one. Jesus transformed me from a fractured, insecure, hurting young woman into a strong woman of faith, a mom, a wife, and a grandma to five beautiful babies.

Long after my initial encounter with Christianity, my Savior has been my Refuge and my Healer in this times when life has hit so hard that it feels as if my breath has been taken away. He’s a Rock so secure that I am able to stop running from brokenness and instead run toward God and all that He has in store for me. When we grab hold of Jesus’ personal mission for us, something profound begins to take place.

The Mended Heart (Introduction) by Suzanne Eller

~Till Tomorrow~ 🙂


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