~Baby Niece!~

So my baby niece came home yesterday afternoon! She is so cute! And quiet! Well I think she is quiet, my brother doesn’t think she is. But we can agree to disagree. She surprised us and came 23 days early. We tried to be as prepared as we could be but we hadn’t even gotten her carseat in the car yet, but she said it was time. LOL.

She was 6lbs. 10.2oz.

Here is my niece on her way home from the hospital. She is so cute with her hat on with the big bow.

The cats don’t know what to think about her. My cat Albus is scared of her, Acadia Marie is curious, and Sunny watches her from afar. Acadia rubbed against her foot today and my Mama said my niece looked quite surprised. I didn’t get to see her face. But I can picture it, because when I was feeding her today when she opened her eyes she looked surprised to see who was holding her. She kept cutting her eyes at me and would stop eating just to look at me.

There will be more about her next week

~Till Monday~


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