~March OCC Gift List!~

Hey Everyone! So I was supposed to have a OCC get together on Sunday. But this time my family was the one to get a little sickness. So needless to say, it was rescheduled again, and most likely will be again. Because my little niece decided to come early, and made her entrance into this world yesterday morning. I will post more about it tomorrow or Saturday.

But today is the first March OCC post. So Here is the gift ideas that Samaritan’s Purse suggest for the month. Quality Crafts! Either you can make stuff for the box’s or you can get quality crafts off of Etsy.com. I personally like to go to craft shows. I don’t do that often because it is cheaper for me to just make the stuff myself. I get a lot of crafting stuff for my birthday, Christmas, and just from family (mostly my Mimi) during the year.

Here is the Samaritan’s Purse Quality Craft photo’s. 🙂

This photo makes me want to get finger puppets for one of the box’s this year! I will definitely be looking for some cute ones!

Some crafts to think about getting are small stuffed animals, aprons for the older girls, small wooden toys for both boys and girls, hair things, hats and scarfs, and just fun items that you may not even think about getting before. I hope this was helpful!

~Till Next Time~


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