~Baby Shower Pictures!!!~

Last Sunday we had a baby shower for my niece! I had fun decorating the dinning room for it! So as I promised here are pictures of the baby shower!

Yes I just posted seven pictures and I still have one more to post!

Tacos and Chicken wings! Thats my nieces parents favorite foods! So of course we had to have both. We opened presents first then had diner. After diner we each guessed when the baby would be born and her weight and length. I guessed two weeks early.(We will see) 🙂 Then we did a old mad lib from a baby games book from my Grandmas house. It was fun and funny!!

Then Thursday my Dad and I put together the baby dresser that just got delivered. I actually had fun putting it together. I felt very accomplished when we were done. It had a lot more pieces than I thought it would. So finishing it in a couple of hours was fulfilling. I wouldn’t have been able to without my Dad helping my through.

Then after we finished all us girls started working on the nursery. Putting the clothes away and getting the diaper genie ready. As well as putting diapers away and plugging in the wipe warmer. Yes I said wiper warmer. It even lights up! Her bassinet was already set up in her room. The sheets just came in today for it, they are light pink and soft. 🙂

I’m excited to meet my little niece!

Till Monday!!!


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