~Unending Love!~

So all week I have been thinking about how a lot of people including myself struggle with loving ourselves. I know that I’ve struggled with this for a long time and still do. I find that this made it hard finding the right devotion for today. But as I was reading my devotion this morning I looked at yesterdays that I hadn’t read yet and it was perfect for todays blog! So here it is!

Rejoice that I understand you completely and love you with perfect, unending Love. Many people are afraid that anyone who comes to know them fully will look down on them or even reject them. So they strive to keep others at a safe distance, disclosing only the parts of themselves they think are acceptable. This way of interacting with others tends to feel safer, but leads to loneliness.

Be thankful that there is One who sees straight through your defenses and pretenses. There is no hiding from Me! I know absolutely everything about you. So rest in the wonder of being fully known – yet delight in! You don’t have to work at trying to earn My Love. The truth is, nothing could ever stop Me from loving you. Because you and Mine – bought with My blood – you are accepted and treasured forever. You need to tell yourself this truth over and over, till it seeps into your inner being and changes the way you view yourself. Self-acceptance is the path to self-forgetfulness, which is the royal road to joy!

Jesus Always by Sarah Young

Royalty by Francesca Battistelli
I Thought this song went along with the last line of the devotion! 🙂

I love this song! I never thought of being consider Royalty in the eyes of God before! His daughter yes but Royalty no. This song was a good reminder that He loves us like Kings and Queens! Now that is LOVED!!!


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