~What I have been up to this week!~

So here is my first entry about my week. I’m not positive about what to say because I have never done this before. But here I go!

I have been doing the Marie Kondo style organizing. Which starts with clothes then moves on to book, papers, misc., and the sentimental. I have finished with going through my clothes, books, and papers so far. Going through my papers took me the longest, and I’m not sure if I actually went through them all. I have a feeling that I’m going to find more as I go along. LOL.

I also have been crocheting a security blanket for my friends new baby boy. The blanket is so cute I got the pattern from Etsy from tillysome.etsy.com. The one my friend choose is called Din the Dino.

Otherwise all I have been doing is reading, reading, and reading. I love to read and sometimes that is all I want to do. Right now I have been reading the Percy Jackson books online. Then I found so fan writings online that blend together the Harry Potter books and Percy Jackson ones. Some are very well written and are hard to put done. That’s all I have been up to this week.

An for no reason at all here is picture of my cat Albus Severus Gryffindor.(Isn’t he CUTE!!!)

Till next time.


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